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A Sacred Place

The Algonquin and their ancestors traveled, camped, hunted, fished, conducted ceremonies and communed with the natural world since truly ancient times. The Algonquin believe that this special landscape is alive with the spirits of the rocks, waters, forests, skies, and the ancestors of the Algonquins. It is a place where the spirit of the eagle and thunderbirds continue to dwell.

Eagles Nest Park is a landscape holding clues to the geological, environmental, and cultural story of how the Algonquin adapted to this region soon after the last ice age melted away. It continued to be valued and utilized by the Algonquin throughout history. The Algonquin Story (Algonquin aadiisookaan) is supported by various archaeological finds in the area through historical documentation, and by oral traditions within the local Algonquin community who continue to revere this special landscape to this very day.

You will learn more about the fascinating Algonquin Story while enjoying the Hawkwatch and Christie Trails. While you enjoy this beautiful land that is Eagles Nest Park, remember that you are caretakers of this park and land. Please ensure that you treat the park and its trails, its environment and its story with the utmost respect.