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European Contact in the York River Valley

European Contact in the York River Valley Extracts from (Bancroft- A Bonanza of Memories by Nila Reynolds 1979) (Wee Bit of Wicklow by Wicklow Research Committee 1973) (Algonquin Park, the human impact by David Euler and Mike Wilton 2009) 1615- French Explorer Samuel D. Champlain reputed to have traveled in the north part of what […]

A Sacred Place

The Algonquin and their ancestors traveled, camped, hunted, fished, conducted ceremonies and communed with the natural world since truly ancient times. The Algonquin believe that this special landscape is alive with the spirits of the rocks, waters, forests, skies, and the ancestors of the Algonquins. It is a place where the spirit of the eagle […]

First Peoples

With the retreat of the ice, animals such as caribou, moved into the newly opened landscape grazing on the emerging vegetation. Waterfowl took advantage of the abundant wetlands. The environment around Bancroft would have been very similar to arctic and sub-artic conditions for thousands of years! Small groups of highly mobile and adaptive indigenous hunters […]