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Mining Industry on Bancroft District

1866- Gold discovered in Eldorado area of Centre Hastings

1882- William Coe and Harry Johnson form company to work iron ore finds in Coe Hill /Salem area. This discovery may have triggered the extension of the railway to North Hastings

1900- Bessemer and Childs Mines open on further iron ore deposits

1900 -1901- Corundum discovered near New Carlow with operations in place at the Craigmont mine and the Burgess Mine . Operations continued until 1917 at Burgess and until 1921 at Craigmont with a short resurgence at Craigmont during World War 2.

1906- Marble quarries open up in Faraday and Dungannon townships which supplied product to Casa Loma in Toronto as well as Union Station, Canada’s Governor Generals residence, both the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa and Legislative Buildings in Toronto and Canada House in London England.

1949- Uranium discovered by Arthur Shore with mines opened at Centre Lake, Faraday, Bicroft, Greyhawk, Canadian Dyno between 1953 and 1958. Faraday was the last to close in 1964 but reopened as Madawaska Mines and remained productive from 1976 until closing its operations in 1982