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Algonquin Stories

A Sacred Place

The Algonquin and their ancestors traveled, camped, hunted, fished, conducted ceremonies and communed with the natural world since truly ancient times. The Algonquin believe that

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First Peoples

With the retreat of the ice, animals such as caribou, moved into the newly opened landscape grazing on the emerging vegetation. Waterfowl took advantage of

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European Stories

Indigenous peoples have lived in the area, before, and since the last glaciers receded, more than 10,000 years ago. Although the period that people of European descent have lived here is very short in comparison, 1850 and onwards, that is not to say that their story is not a colourful one.

The Lonesome Life

Built I 1938, the 100-foot steel fire tower atop Eagles Nest, providing a view of about 1,800 square km, where smoke could be detected from

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